Hiding in a corner because I haven’t updated my stories in a really long time and there’s still a prompt it my askbox from 16568682 million years ago.. 

you're very nice c:

aw thanks!! :))

To Millie <3

CW rep [x] (via hearttohart)

"No decision has been made regarding the future of Hart of Dixie, so any discussion or reporting of whether or not the show will continue beyond the upcoming season is premature"

If you let my soul out
It’ll come right back to you (x)

Heavily pregnant Rachel Bilson wears a long white dress and comfy Birkenstock sandals while out shopping with a friend in Hollywood, California - 16 October 

#everyone likes hugs in bluebell

with the audience and all and the fact that Rachel said in interview that if she have kids, she will end up her career it was clear, but god, seeing this official kills me

yeah, I’m happy for them but I’m also going to be crying for a month once it’s over

Wilson Bethel’s going to become a part of the cast of ‘Astronaut Wives Club’ (a new ABC show) so that pretty much tells us that forth season is going to be the last..