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                           you’re staring out the window, i’m out here in the street
                    you’re standing like a scarecrow and i’m begging you to speak

                                      and i just wanna believe in you and me

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If anyone else wants to apply for the Zade Network, we’ve decided to add a couple more days to the deadline! 

The rules are still the same, just go here to read them. You know the drill by now, but if you have any questions, my askbox is open! :)

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@jaimeking Happy Birthday, Cress Williams!

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Hey cuties, the time has come, here are the members of the Zade Network: 

Now, I’m gonna need you guys to send me: 

Unfortunately, Hart of Dixie must have an even smaller fanbase than what we thought so we didn’t get many applications. Nevertheless, me and hearttohart decided to go forward with the network and give you guys a couple more days to apply. 


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Anonymous asked:
You might want to tell people you've extended the deadline

I know, I will make a post about it tomorrow when I announce the ones who were accepted to join the network! 

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Anonymous asked:
Will you let people join the network later on?

We decided to extend the deadline for a couple more days but I don’t know about letting people join the network once the deadline is over because we didn’t discuss that and I honestly didn’t think about that. I guess if your blog was what we’re looking for, we would make an exception but I would apply before the deadline is over if I were you, just to be sure :) 

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Don’t forget you have until midnight to apply for the zade network!!!

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Anonymous asked:
Can we send in our info tomorrow?

Yes, you have until midnight to send in your application! 

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Anonymous asked:
Not sure if I want to join. But I'm also not sure I don't want to join.

Haha okay, but you better make up your mind because you only have until tomorrow :)

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